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My body is a jagged key,
like the cliffs that cover us
from the walking demons that infect our dreams of long lost lust.

Let me take refuge within.
I unlock a secret that only Isis knows.


My hunger is lavish
but a bite is all I need to satisfy
my appetite.

Come cut me open.
Sting me with your steel and flint
and your buzzing bayonet.


Your dapper cheeks are gorged with seeds
as swollen as your ruby breast.


Sandstone slumber has gnarled my hair
and tightened my flesh.

I am not what I was.


Your body is ripe,
set for the plucking.

Let me reap the harvest that I had sown.
Let me rip through your peel
and reveal the bone below.


While I swim through the night,
I sense something nearby
waiting to pounce.

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