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It's Raining in the Desert



it's raining in the desert
where a man just died in Mexico
his last thoughts were of his boy
who left for the Estados Unidos

Adventurers cry on Peruvian peaks
for their royal wives back home
as abstruse civilizations crawl on all fours
back from conquering kings seeking more

the Pangani plains once wide and vast
had first spawned the heart of man
soon abandoned and full of sickness
an evolution no one can understand


there are storm clouds over Stalingrad
where mothers stand to give their call
to their sons who dream of leaving
for far off places like Nepal


just east of the middle, a holy man blesses
a boar saying that even monsters deserve life
and we're all oldboys and chums in the end
so let's get along and play nice

it's raining in the desert
as a spider on Ghan hides down below
the original ones welcome the abnormal
not knowing their friends in the east that they follow


the ice will not hold beneath them
the wind will not hold around them
the snow will not hold above them
they will not hold inside the white darkness

(Days of Future Passed)

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