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Crystal Ball


The snake bites
the bird flies
the poet writes
the sunrise

blinds me, I can't see behind me, can't even see inside the
crystal ball that tells me when and where I'll fall
acting like I'm Mr. Know-it-all

walking round the lost and found, all the fuckers that pull me down
don't know that I'm crazy, that even though I'm lazy, that even though it's hazy,

in here, that every single man trembles in fear
at the sight of a woman scorned
when she catches you jacking off to porn

but you keep going, you keep blowing, even though you know it
hurts her so, it hurts her so, she screams on her back, begging for more
because she's selfish, she eats shellfish, but don't worry bout it honey, God won't see this
he packed up and left you long ago, that night you swapped your silver cross for silver and gold

silver and gold, silver and gold, everyone is killing for a chance to know

about the meaning of life and an easy payload
but easy ain't the way it's supposed to be
didn't poppa ever tell you to be hard working
no, he didn't, he's dead in the water
his boys fled him like a lamb to the slaughter
bleating and repeating that they didn't have a chance
that they barely got away with the shit in their pants
well shit, that's a shame, but who's to blame

don't pooh-pooh, your pa's a coward too
he left your momma when you were two
smoked his dope and some others' too
over the bird's nest he flew into
cuckoo, crazy, I told you it was getting hazy

so come with me baby

I'll tell you of your past and future, lady
let me look into my crystal ball
where however small I see all

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