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Conversations in a City Square


I look up and the sky surrounds me
held in place by the steely scrapers that scratch its belly
and long as they are, they forever long to be a part of the whole

thing is coming down, run for your fucking lives
open your eyes but don't look back
the terrorists are at it again boys, all over it's 9/11


what is your emergency?

yes, hello, there are bugs crawling under my skin

do think a spray would help? perhaps some lotion? should I get my father's


shotgun! let's go man, I called it
rules are rules my friend
we have them for a reason

she's seeing that asshole? I don't know he must be loaded
he treats her like a dog but she puts up with it
he treats her like the bitch that she is, but I bet he makes her come


over here and look at this
faggot and his little faggot friend
shhh, play it cool, tip toe around, tie him down


and down we go, cheering and waving it away

like a child and their toy boat, happy at what we've done but sad at what we've not

watching helplessly as we stab each other in the dark

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